Instrumentation: 11 players (trumpet, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 2 percussionists, horn, cello, double bass, violin, oboe, piano)

Duration: 11 minutes

Date of Composition: 2006


Procession was composed for the Improvisation Group at Lawrence University (IGLU) who premiered it in February of 2006. It is scored for eleven players divided into three groups. The original instrumentation was determined by the unique instrumental makeup of IGLU. In addition to various wind, string, and percussion instruments, the 2005/2006 edition of IGLU included multiple electric guitars and harmonica. The current version of Procession replaces the harmonica with oboe, uses a double bass instead of electric bass guitar, and reduces the number of electric guitars by one.

Among my primary concerns was to avoid having the electric guitars (as well as the harmonica in the first edition) seem out of place among more traditional instruments. Thus, the opening section is comprised of a single pitch. In limiting the pitch material, I sought to create a highly blended, singular group sound. This sound is in constant flux due to shifting rhythmic accents and slowly undulating dynamic levels. Even when the pitch material expands and new textures emerge, the ensemble continues to function as a collective unit.